3rd party community upgrades/addons for rogueLegacy.
To install: extract to STEAM_FOLDER\SteamApps\rogue Legacy

ALPHA Warning!

RoguePatch is only a baby, be careful! Make sure to backup your saves before attempting to use RoguePatch. Things may get deleted, and things probably are broken.

Custom Rooms

RoguePatch allows you to add your own custom rooms without digging around in the default XML files. Rooms are bundled into packs, you can download some packs below. Please email us your packs!

Room Editor

You can create your own custom rooms with my Room Editor. Although basic, my Room Editor is capable of building rooms with the same features as the default rooms.

Crash Handler

RoguePatch attempts to catch and handle errors. RoguePatch will save a Crash Log in your AppData folder. This can be used for debugging.

Larger Maps

Want a map generation that's 10 times bigger? You can do it now!

And More!

I added a few extra things into the patch, see the change log below for more details.


RoguePatch is configured through a config file located at %AppData%\Rogue Legacy\RoguePatch.ini (if this doesn't exist, run the game once). The configuration options are detailed below.

[Game Options]General Game Options
console=falseEnable loggined console to %AppData%
extractsprites=falseConvert XNB spritesheets to PNG (the game will fail to boot after conversion)
noretail=falseDisable 'retail mode' (this option will prevent the game booting)
fps=falseEnable FPS display
mapscale=1scale the map generation (min: 0.5x max: 10x) (changing this will corrupt your save)
[Test Room]Testing Room Options
testroom=falseStart testing a room (see: custom rooms)
roomstyle=castleThe area to test the room in (options: castle, dungeon, garden, tower)
debug=falseEnable the map debugging background text (forced on with testroom).
nodebug=falseDisable the map debugging background text.
[Cheats]What would life be without cheats?
godmode=falseForces player invincibility, full hp and full mp
abilities=falseUnlocks all abilities
gold=falseGives player 1000000 gold
notoll=falseDisables the toll
allmap=falseAll of the map will be visible


I try to keep a concice log of what I change, some thing do get ommitted though! If you see an error, drop us an email!

January 2013
[+]Fixed some spelling mistakes.
[+]Added cheat 'allmap' to display all of the map.
[+]Added option to increase map size.
[+]Added configuration file and removed command line args.
[+]Added an error message box if a room fails to load.
[+]Fixed multiple errors (rooms treated as non-dlc, messagebox popping up for no reason).
December 2013
[+]Added some text on level load to display running configuration flags.
[+]Added some custom text rendering libraries (RPTextManager).
[+]Autoloads new level XML files.
[+]Replaces title on level load with my RoguePatch title.
[+]Restructured Program.Main to allow my custom command line arguments, added the Crash Handler.

Custom Rooms

Custom Room support has always been possible with rogueLegacy, however it involved adding your custom data to the default XML files. A messy and unatractive solution. I have added code to allow the game to load custom maps from folders inside the Content\Levels folder. Each 'level pack' should have its own folder.

Installing a Custom Room Pack

To install a custom room pack, just extract the pack to your STEAM_FOLDER\SteamApps\rogue Legacy\Content\Levels folder. (Make sure the pack's XML files end up in a folder of their own, not in the levels folder itself)

Custom Room Packs

Packs by R4wizard
Epic Loot PackContains a collection of 2 new 'epic loot' rooms.

Testing a Custom Room

After installing a custom room, it will randomly appear as would any other room. If you need to test a room to confirm it is working, you should use the Room Editor to add a PlayerStartObj and run the game with the testroom argument.


If you need help with anything. Feel free to email me: peter@lemondigits.com or come on our irc: irc.lemondigits.com:6667/#roguepatch